Last stop on the summer road trip

Our last stop over on the return leg of our summer road trip was to visit the Graham family in Billings.  The kids get along awesomely and had a blast together.  What could be a more perfect way to wrap up our stay than with a trip to the drive in?

Dinner with the girls!!


Grandpa Bob and Grandma Judy gave the boys metal detectors for their birthdays and buried treasure around the driveway for them to find.  So cool!

One decade old

It is hard to believe our first born is ten years old and how tall and grown up he is!  Liam loves sports and had NBA gear on his birthday wish list.  He loves to watch and play basketball and football with Tim.  He has blossomed into a great reader and is also a talented writer.  What hasn’t changed is his infectious belly laugh.  We love you so much Liam and are proud of the boy you have become and love the adventure of being your parents.

Always a Good Time

When I look back through these pictures, I feel like the Erfle family summer gatherings should have a sound track and at top of the playlist is “It’s Always a Good Time”, because it always is!!  How lucky are we to call this home??   A day of boating, picnicking, swimming  and hiking in Glacier Park is pretty high on my list of great days.

The sun coming up over the mountains looking towards Glacier Park from Mom and Dad’s deckTim, Joe and the boys had a sleep over in the yard

And a July day at the Erfle house would not be complete without the mega-slip-n’-slide!  Rocco gets a turn!