Monthly Archives: July 2009

the love pics

I am usually happier to be the one taking pictures instead of the person in front of the camera, but when my dear friend Jana is the photographer,  I’ll gladly put down the camera and let her work her magic.  She and I had chatted a while back about a ‘love shoot’ for Tim and […]

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Just ship me back to Montana

After stamping himself with the return address label Landon hid himself in the linen closet.  Maybe he’s hoping he’ll be shipped back to Montana after the movers pack him up.

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A Stinky Birthday

I picked the title for this post since I think the boys’ favorite part of Yellowstone Park is the smell of the springs and geysers, of course as well as the sounds which interestingly go right along with the smell.  Landon frequently mentions it smells like a geyser, although usually the smell is coming from […]

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